AWS Is Out With Its New Security Offering Along With S3 Misconfigurations

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AWS-Is-Out-With-Its-New-Security-Offering-Along-With-S3-Misconfigurations AWS Is Out With Its New Security Offering Along With S3 MisconfigurationsAmazon Web Services (AWS) has recently launched few extra steps to ensure customers from getting misconfigured in the S3 buckets. But, this does not provide 100 assured safety yet, the customers still shoulder some responsibilities.

This new service by Amazon to its S3 Block Public Access cloud works on an account level with individual buckets, as well as future buckets. Users can now block existing public access as public access is not yet made available for the newly created. AWS has previously taken actions upon issuing more visibility. Last year the company has also revamped its design around the same time to give serious warning indicators to public buckets. But still, the message about personal and organizational responsibility needs a hammering.

This move is an added extension to the various access controls which users already worked on. AWS buckets are working with its identity and access management (IAM) bucket policies and Access Control Lists (ACL).  The will not be any additional charges for this usage apart from the usual prices of the S3 API. With this latest update, there are higher possibilities for AWS to actually get it right. But, it still needs to bear in mind that they cannot hold customers hands in every step they make.