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AWS To Face Hefty Competition In Cloud Market

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AWS-To-Face-Hefty-Competition-In-Cloud-Market-300x129 AWS To Face Hefty Competition In Cloud MarketAmazon’s AWS is going to experience a heavy competition from now on said Larry Ellison during a keynote speech in San Francisco at an OpenWorld conference.  Amazon’s lead is over he added. To help the company that he co-founded compete against the Azure, AWS, and other cloud players, they are launching two data centers targeted to provide powerful compute instances. The customers wanting to run high-performance workloads in the cloud, the second generation data centers which are proficient of performance enhancements.


Ellison announced an IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) offering on stage is targeted at low-cost access to extremely prevailing hardware from the company for cloud workloads. As they start migrating applications to take benefit of the low pricing and performance obtainable as a result of not functioning their own data centers this is an attempt to draw business towards Oracle’s service. A bare-metal cloud server that Ellison showed off known as Oracle Dense Cloud IO which is capable of providing developers 36 CPU cores, 28.8 TB of SSD and 512 GB of D-RAM. This a mammoth compute capacity targeted at the high-performance enterprise workloads. This comes at a cost of per hour $5.4.


The performance and price both are better than the Amazon’s most powerful case the i2.8xlarge. Its access to the extreme and modern hardware, the fact that its cloud platform is constructed on top of Oracle made hardware and the various ways it architects its infrastructure are the three reasons that enable the company to compete with Amazon, said Deepak Patil, VP of product development at Oracle.