Azure Stack To Run On Specific Hardware, Microsoft Explains Why?

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Azure-Stack-To-Run-On-Specific-Hardware-Microsoft-Explains-Why--300x129 Azure Stack To Run On Specific Hardware, Microsoft Explains Why?Last month Microsoft revealed that Azure Stack will be delayed until the middle of next year and also rather than a wide range of hardware systems the private cloud software will run on a set of integrated hardware systems. Vijay Tiwari, Microsoft Principal Group Program Manager says explaining to the customers that the product will be a better and more useful be the reason for constraining the software to a limited number of hardware.


Rather than developing software for a hardware configuration that the company hasn’t seen before, the Azure Stack team will deploy the updates more rapidly if there is a defined set of systems. It will be faster for companies to get up and running if the Azure Stack software is already set up so that they can deploy applications and start using the system. At the Ignite conference in Atlanta, Georgia next month, the company will show off its Azure Stack software and hardware together.


The systems will be based on industry-standard servers and not gold plated hardware mentioned Tiwari in a statement. It’s not clear yet what the pricing for these systems will be and since the Microsoft and its partners will be managing its whole stack themselves customers should be focusing on the cost of ownership.