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Barclays Discussed Revolution & Partnership

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Barclays-Discussed-Revolution-Partnership-300x129 Barclays Discussed Revolution & PartnershipWith the new panel, arrangement announced by Barcley in June one thing that jumped out was how tiny hung on a law firm is the capability to give outstanding legal advice. Legal excellence is not been treated by the multinational finance institutions a given quite the opposite of it not being important. Attorney’s no longer get a star for knowing the law. Barcley sat down with trending firms and offered them the opportunity to articulate their version of innovation and collaboration. The newly set up commercial management team by Stéphanie Hamon was created to run and review the panel run the process alongside Chris Grant, a director and head of law firm management at Barclays.


How the efforts to collaborate and innovate measure up said Hamon speaking to the audiences. With ideas to improve their productivity rather than waiting for us to go to them, came the law firms and that impressed Barcley. The litigation work they do for us, one firm is reluctant to fixed fees. They came up with a fixed fee suggestion for all the inquiry work they do for us. Knowing that there will be some trial and error we are willing to engage with both the sides. The interesting fact is they know we will not get it the first time yet they come to us.