Basics about API gateway and API security gateway Cloud

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Basics-_about_-API_gateway_-and-_API-_security_-gateway_-Cloud-300x174 Basics about API gateway and API security gateway CloudCloud services are reaching heights of demand. Today, let us just discuss API gateway and API security gateway to learn the differences among them. With many cloud services using their own version of API gateways to help serve them as a single entry point, it also serves as an application or service to provide access control. Now, with the APIs exposed using the API gateways, the product has gained momentum and targeted attacks leading a compromise. This means that any hacker capable to compromise the API gateway will gain ability in changing a ‘no’ into a ‘yes’. The primary issue is that the API gateway technologies were intended and designed for integration but not for security.

API security serves best practices and uses cyber-secure technology in which API enablement is ordered to perform API gateway role. It includes IAM and cybersecurity technologies in its gateway. This is the reason behind the product technology cam to be known as “API security gateway”. API gateway is not capable of providing the same protection as an API security gateway. In situations where an untrusted connection along API and asks for data, there is no surety that API provides access to a particular data that is needed.
Additionally, there may be embedded threats inside the API request. While it even lacks to provide information sent and received to the trusted user accessing the API.

Remember the fact that Access control as a whole does not serve API security. The API gateways are not based on cybersecurity technology but are actually dependent on the integration platforms to run as a software application.