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Battle of the Giants: Google Pixel vs Iphone 7

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By storytap.in

Battle-of-the-Giants-Google-Pixel-vs-Iphone-7-300x129 Battle of the Giants: Google Pixel vs Iphone 7

2016 has been a witness to the battle of the tech giants – Google and Apple. With the release of Google’s flagship phone Pixel, they’re all set to give the Apple iPhone 7 a run for its money. Here is a quick comparison between the two.


The Pixel comes in 2 variants – Pixel and Pixel XL (which is the larger, more premium variant). The iPhone 7 also has a premium variant – the iPhone 7 Plus. Both phones seem to be at par when it comes to design. Both are not the best looking phones out there! Apple’s lack of innovation means that the iPhone has gone through very few design changes over the years. Meanwhile, Pixel has an awkwardly placed glass panel on the rear which makes it quite slippery.


Pixel wins hands-down when it comes to the display. With a 1080 x 1920 AMOLED display, the Pixel dominates over the iPhone’s 720 x 1334 LCD display. The iPhone 7 on the other hand, definitely has better audio output quality. While the Pixel boasts a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor, the iPhone 7 has an impressive 2.34 GHz A10 processor. The Pixel’s camera, which comes with a lens blur feature, received a DxOMark image quality score of 89 (the highest ever awarded). The iPhone 7, on the other hand has a 12 MP camera with simultaneous 4k video and 8 MP image recording.


The iPhone 7 was launched in the Indian market at INR 67,000 (the Plus edition costs INR 72,000). The Pixel comes in slightly cheaper at INR 57,000 (with the XL variant at INR 67,000) which puts both phones in almost the same price bracket.


Overall, the Pixel offers more ‘bang for the buck’ and is the preferred choice for developers and shutterbugs. Meanwhile, Apple, which is slowly losing faithful patrons, is trying to claw back into the market with the iPhone 7.