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Best Resources for a First Time Entrepreneur

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By storytap.in

Best-Resources-for-a-First-Time-Entrepreneur-300x129 Best Resources for a First Time Entrepreneur

India is slowly becoming one of the biggest startup hubs in the world and every single day youngsters are leaving their high paying jobs to start up. Startups require too much of effort in every direction and first time entrepreneurs generally get overwhelmed with the amount of content available out there for them. In this article we will provide a comprehensive list of resources covering a variety of aspects of the startup journey.


Getting Started

Y Combinator organised a course at Stanford named “How to start a startup”. The whole lecture series is available on Youtube. It covers a wide range of topics and extremely helpful for anyone starting up.


Technology Resources

1. Amazon Web Services (AWS): Amazon provides a great support to entrepreneurs starting up with their products. Just sign up on AWS with your credit card and you will get a 1 year free access to one of their micro instances. They also provide a lot of free resources in terms of its other offerings like S3 (simple storage service), SNS (simple notification service), SES (simple email service), SQS (simple queue service) etc.

2. Zoho: Zoho is a perfect companion for you if you are starting up. Most of their products have a free version which is absolutely sufficient if you are just starting up. They have products ranging from Invoicing, CRM, Sales and much more.

3. Email: If you are looking to set up a free email for your domain name you can set it up on Zoho. Though I would recommend paying to Google and using Google for Work (costs INR 1500 per email added per year)

4. Website: We would highly recommend buying a bootstrap landing page template, edit it and deploy it to your micro instance taken from AWS. These templates save a great amount of time while building stuff. Additional you can use tools like Wix (wix.com) if you are not a techie.



1. If you are looking to hire people, there is nothing better than Angel.co. It’s absolutely free and you can post your openings within minutes.

2. If you are looking for interns, Internshala is of great use. Again it’s completely free.

3. You can also post on Linkedin, though it’s paid but you get really good quality candidates.


Marketing & Traction

1. First of all, create a page for your startup on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Google plus etc and share it within your social networks. Your early set of users will come from your network of friends or friends of friends.

2. Use tools like Canva(Amazingly Simple Graphic Design Software) to design good looking social media posts and share on all your networks. You can use Buffer (Buffer – A Smarter Way to Share on Social Media) for that.

3. There is a small book called Traction (How Any Startup Can Achieve Explosive Customer Growth Book) by the Founder of Duck Duck Go. This is a great great book and will help you in figuring out the best marketing channels for your startup.

4. Write some Guest Posts on Yourstory or IamWired about the general problem you are trying to solve. Don’t try to promote your product there otherwise they won’t publish your blog but write some general engaging content. You will automatically get indirect traction.

We can go on and on about writing other tools and stuff but what we have mentioned above is fairly sufficient in getting started. Some of the points mentioned above may not help every single startup but have proved to be of great help for other startups we have interacted with.