Big Data Analytics in Farming

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Big-Data-Analytics-in-Farming Big Data Analytics in FarmingBig Data Analytics along with Global Connected Services can boost growth in the farming industry. Today, the farming industry faces many issues which hamper the intended production, let it be unorganized and inefficient plantation, harvesting, groundwater use, and transportation, or uncertain weather conditions, pest issues, unskilled labor, consumer demands, etc. they all amount to losses. These issues need a definite solution, which the industry lacks, but with emerging digital technologies and trends such as Big Data Analytics, analysts today believe that the issues at hand can be tackled.

The farming industry has a global presence but based on volume and value, the global farming industry can be fragmented into these regions: United States, China, Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia & India. With major players being, John Deere, Accenture, IBM, Intel, KUBOTA, Videophone, Tech Mahindra, Mahindra & Mahindra, AT&T, Trimble, Cisco, and CNH Industrial.

The agriculture sector today is inclining towards the Big data trend, as it ensures to bring in new opportunities and open new revenue streams. With field sensors, data regarding soil conditions, wind, fertilizer requirements, water availability and pest infestations, can be collected and further analyzed. Further, onboard GPS trackers on farming vehicles like tractors, and trucks can fetch optimal usage statistics of heavy equipment and trailers.  Bringing in drones and unmanned aerial vehicles can further ease the farming burden, with quick patroling of fields from a computer desk, to timely identify crop-related issues. Then there are RFID-tags, that literally provide farmers with a 24hour data feed about their products, as they move through the supply chain, helping farmers prevent spoilage, and arrival delays.