Big Data as a Service (BDaaS)

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Big-Data-as-a-Service-BDaaS Big Data as a Service (BDaaS)In the near future, Big data as a service (BDaaS) will see significant growth, with many players offering the service this coming year. The advantages it has to offer, and the urge which many businesses feel to bring it into use to have an edge over their competitors is admirable.

BDaaS to identify fraudsters in the financial sector

BDaaS is all set to drive the banking sector. Many financial entities depend on data analytics to drive their operations. These data analytics offer them insight about a person based on their past spending and credit scores, to determine if the person is a fraud, or is likely to commit one. With BDaaS, the banking sector can identify such fraudsters and investigate ways to address them.

BDaaS to offer an on-premise choice

Most new players and startups often think the Big Data transition is often to store information and data in the cloud. But with further advancements in the big data tech, all such entities now have the on-premise choice too.

Last year in Q3 2018, Dell EMC and BlueData joined forces offering BDaaS package for physical data centers, eliminating the need for cloud-based ones. By taking the on-premise route, these new players can save the unnecessary cost of data-transfer and time-limit.

BDaaS to emphasize self-service platforms

Not long ago, businesses looking for Big Data transition should also hire professionals to manage the data.  But now with increased BDaaS self-service options, they need not worry. These self-service platforms offer much agility and flexibility, which is highly appreciated by customers, who always want a seamless and intuitive interface.