Big Data in Agriculture increases benefits, Growers raises $5M in series A

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Big_Data_in_Agriculture_increases_benefits_Growers_raises_5M_in_series-A-300x180 Big Data in Agriculture increases benefits, Growers raises $5M in series AGrowers Holdings, Inc. provides software system + services that facilitate farmers and their trustworthy advisors exploit farm data to modify deciding and increase profitableness. Growers Holdings, Inc. has whooped a $5M in Series A.

Since origin, Growers has helped farmers make $50M a lot of in progressive crop revenue and reduced industrial fertilizer application by over 160M tons, whereas growing yield and significantly reducing the environmental impact of row crop farming. Founder and chief executive officer Steven Valencsin pointed out that precision management, analysis and implementation of farm data will produce dramatic on-farm results and increased profitableness for farmers. Growers merchandise and services were designed by farmers, for farmers.

By budding a method to capture extremely precise field data edge at scale and pairing that with the easy-to-use software system. Growers meet the requirements of the foremost progressive, large-scale row crop farmers. The business plans to use the new funding to accelerate software development and grow their channel-based industry. Whereas, the corporate has traditionally utilized a direct-to-farmer model, choose partners in the Agri-business currently have access to the tools and technologies Growers has shaped.

Lewis & Clark Ventures was based by ex-operators with the certainty that innovation and entrepreneurial talent are abundant between the U.S. coasts. The company’s capital firm invests in the highest potential Series A and B stage firms throughout America’s region in sectors like care IT, enterprise software system, and agriculture technology.

Company’s vision for success is to become a trustworthy partner to each enterpriser that they have a tendency to back and help in their journey towards scale and significance. Growers’ software system + service offer many distinct benefits the corporate passes onto their clients.