Big Data Is An Essential Part Of Robotics

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Big-Data-Is-An-Essential-Part-Of-Robotics-300x129 Big Data Is An Essential Part Of RoboticsSense-Plan-Act is the basic operational three stage definition of Robotics. And data being the main part of robotics, Big Data is pretty much related to robotics even before the term went viral.


To perceive robot’s environment sensing is needed to be aware of its surrounding along with that self-integrity is needed to place itself in the environment. In complex environment to perform with desired purpose and reliability planning is needed. To achieve planned goals properly monitored action is needed. These steps require intensive use of data. The robotics engineers have a history of working with data as the field consists of quite a few sensing devices such as position sensors, visual sensors, tactile sensors, range measuring sensors and a few more which by the way generate a huge amount of data.


At all stage of Sense-Plan-Act sequence advanced analysis and processing of recorded data is required. Borrow analytic methodology from statistics, optimization and machine learning is what the robotics engineers use mostly to solve problems. But like SLAM (Simultaneous Localization And Mapping) there are few original techniques built by engineers to just to solve the particular robotics problems. The Big Data and Robotics will continue to co-exist and the advancements will be related as well.