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Bill McDermott Addresses Government Leaders

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Bill-McDermott-Addresses-Government-Leaders-300x129 Bill McDermott Addresses Government LeadersCEOs invited to address formally meetings, as the Economic Forum of Germany’s Social Democratic Party is not very common. Recently in Berlin SAP CEO just did that. Some highlights from the about half of an hour speech are discussed here.


The five courageous founders of the SAP have actually set the bench such as Hasso Plattner, who today serves as Chairperson of our Supervisory Board. The boldness and curiosity of the founder’s SAP have led them to not only a brand new company but also millions of jobs in the SAP ecosystem worldwide. More visionaries like those of Hasso Plattner, Claus Wellenreuther, Dietmar Hopp, Hans-Werner Hector, and the late Klaus Tschira are required while the generation is discussing the future of Germany’s economy is a fact that no one can deny.


With extensive magnitudes, the digital technology is changing the economy. Now we see the undeviating link between a region’s economy competitiveness and its digital adoption. The correct approach to start the thinking about the Germany’s economy is to boost Europe’s Digital Adoption. If sectors that gap in digital acceptance double their intensity, Europe could add 2.5 trillion Euros to GDP over the next decade. SAP has incorporated the outlook that training workers for a digital economy are our corporate duty.