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Bing Rewards Are Now Microsoft Rewards

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Bing-Rewards-Are-Now-Microsoft-Rewards-300x129 Bing Rewards Are Now Microsoft Rewards Microsoft started paying people for using its Bing service through a program called as Bing Reward a few years back. With Edge browser and other products the company is trying to do the same. Over the next few weeks, your big rewards will become Microsoft rewards but the concept will remain same announced Microsoft. While users and buy Microsoft products they will receive the Microsoft rewards which they can exchange for freebies.


According to a report by the end of the month, July Edge has only a market share of 5.09 percent while Google Chrome has over 50 percent. In a process of gain, some ground in the number game Microsoft lock down the Cortana to use only Bing but the Microsoft reward is the real bait that might work for the company.


The company said users can earn Microsoft points even while shopping from Microsoft physical store and buying music, movies via the windows 10 store app. once a user reaches a certain number of points they will receive a reward but then those discounts will only account for Microsoft products. The story is same with Bing and Edge, 1 reward point for every two Bing Searches and some reward points for every hour of Edge browsing.