Bitfi Opens Resources to Developers Worldwide to Inspect and Supervise Code


3_1-3 Bitfi Opens Resources to Developers Worldwide to Inspect and Supervise CodePOMPANO BEACH, Fla., April 12, 2019 — Bitfi today announced that it has launched a Developer Resources system at giving developers full access to all components of the Bitfi wallet infrastructure.

Rather than using GitHub, Bitfi developed a proprietary infrastructure that gives developers access to more data than just source code and assigns a private key to every participant to create a collaborative environment.

The platform includes transparent web service that shows activity of every device in real time (identified by its public key), app sources, device message chain, project downloads and much more. Developers can examine download packages and emulate devices. Events that occur between each device and Bitfi infrastructure are posted on the transparent web stream. Users can post questions from a device which authenticates the message with the device’s internal private key and view responses at Any developer can respond, not just Bitfi in-house developers.

If users utilize this system for technical support, they can get support while remaining totally anonymous since no personal details are disclosed. It is another alternative to Bitfi’s email and phone technical support for users who desire complete privacy.

We are focused on aggressively building a platform that eliminates the trust relationship that all hardware wallet manufacturers and their supply chains currently demand of their customers. We believe this is critical to broader hardware wallet adoption and is deeply aligned with the founding principles of blockchain technology. If trust is required by a user then it is the equivalent of leaving funds in someone’s custody, and calls into question every aspect of the organization, supply chain, and it’s people. Our Developer Resources platform is a first step towards eliminating this variable and enabling anyone, anywhere, at any time to verify the integrity and safety of their hardware wallet. We don’t believe users should have to worry about who is working at Bitfi and who might be working here in the future. That all starts with transparency, and that’s the journey we are embarking on with today’s releases,” said John Wethington, Executive Vice President, Engineering.

By enabling collaboration and interaction between developers worldwide and wallet users on a transparent and open source platform, users can have greater confidence in knowing that code has been reviewed before accepting updates on their device and can ask questions prior to accepting new update packages.

About Bitfi

Bitfi is a global payments technology company that is developing new technology for holding and securing digital assets to surpass cold storage. Its wallet does not store private keys, making it the world’s only wallet that cannot be seized.

About John Wethington

John Wethington is a distinguished cybersecurity and data privacy expert with advanced training from MIT. He leads Bitfi’s product development, research, as well as complex hardware testing and optimization. He brings more than 20 years of technology and operations experience to Bitfi, including extensive expertise in building complex software and hardware systems. John is a regular contributor to the infosec and blockchain communities. Most recently he exposed a massive data breach involving more than 300,000 individuals held on a server by VoterVoice ( and another massive data breach that he uncovered on servers operated by a robocalled firm (

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