Bitfinix Calculated A 36% Generalized Loss For All Its Customers

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Bitfinix-Calculated-A-36-Generalized-Loss-For-All-Its-Customers-300x129 Bitfinix Calculated A 36% Generalized Loss For All Its CustomersThe crypto-currency exchange Bitfinix after suffering a loss of around $65 million last week told its customers that with each taking a generalized loss of 36 percent they will share the loss. This is the closest approximation of the liquidation context. The exchange said, after the required analysis and consultation they have reached the conclusion to generalize loss across all assets and accounts.


In order to look into the matter, Bitfinix exchange has to sojourn all its traffic including trading, withdrawal, and deposits after the last week’s breach. A $65 million was the amount of loss which is equivalent to 119,756 bitcoins. Though this figure was posted in Reddit user but the exchange confirmed it last week. The website of Bitfinix is now online but in read-only mode, deposited, withdrawal and trading is not allowed yet, but customers can definitely sign in to their accounts. The exchange is open to discussion with potential investors and following various strategic options in order to fully compensate their customers. This may take sometime said the exchange as these discussions is still in a primitive stage. While logging in a customer will notice it has taken a generalized loss of 36 percent in general. How the exchange reach at this figure will be announced in later posts said the exchange.


Even though Bitcoin is the only currency stolen from Bitfinix the 36 percent loss will be applied throughout, even for those who were not trading in Bitcoins.