Bittorrent’s BTT Tokens Soar Sky High, with a 600 Percent Price Hike since ICO

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Bittorrent’s-BTT-Tokens-Soar-Sky-High-with-a-600-Percent-Price-Hike-since-ICO Bittorrent’s BTT Tokens Soar Sky High, with a 600 Percent Price Hike since ICOPeer-to-peer file sharing protocol – BitTorrent’s native BTT tokens, based on TRON network protocol, which were launched in early Jan. 2019, have seen a steep rise in prices. The token’s price, since the initial coin offering (ICO), has soared high in the sky, going over 600 percent, as per a recent press release data, revealed on Feb. 4th, 2019.

BitTorrent, launched the BTT tokens purportedly as part of the peer-to-peer file sharing client’s broader ambition to come up with a decentralized content sharing platform. BitTorrent in a bid to tokenize its content allowed token exchange between different peer-to-peer client users to optimize network speed for faster file downloads. The eponymous company recently launched the Project Atlas. The project aims to incentivize BitTorrent users, hoping this would encourage them to continue file sharing even after they finished downloading it, thus helping the content reach the whole peer-to-peer community.

Earlier, on Jan. 28th 2019, BTT’s 50 billion token sales on the Binance platform netted a whopping $7.1 million dollars in just under 15 minutes. The news was officially shared by Justin Sun, CEO and founder of TRON, announcing that all 23.76 billion BTT tokens were instantly sold within 13.4 mins., at a per token price of $0.00012.

Currently, BTT is trading at $0.000885, at 629 percent price hike since its ICO offering, and during the same tenure, the Bitcoin (BTC) fell 3 percent, the Ripple (XRP) rose 3.4 percent, and Ethereum (ETH) increased by around 2.8 percent.