Blackberry Might Rejuvenate From The Pit

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Blackberry-Might-Rejuvenate-From-The-Pit-300x129 Blackberry Might Rejuvenate From The Pit0.2 % is what Blackberry smartphones occupy in the market at the moment. It’s been a while since the company was going in the loss and on the verge of bankruptcy. But recently there has been a spark seen in the Canadian company’s fates. Not for the apparent reason though but the analysts expecting the shares of the company to reach $10.50 per share.


Blackberry assured it clients not to worry about the hardware as the company’s business is going to boom from its software business which has a 30 percent profit margin and high growth.


The company gradually made its move to enterprise software from the hardware market with the constant efforts of its CEO John Chen with a few acquisitions. For instance acquisition of Good Technology last September for the product that makes the personal smartphones at work safer.


We will explore the software side of the market if we didn’t see the hardware business going said, Chen. Well, the hardware keyboard fans will be disappointed for sure with this news including Kim Kardashian who accepted that she is not finding a replacement for her Blackberry Bold after it broke down last week. Sales were not how they are supposed to be even though the move to Android from its own proprietary OS has slowed its bankruptcy.