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Blackberry & Nokia To Re-Launch Themselves Into The Smartphone Market

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Blackberry-Nokia-To-Re-Launch-Themselves-Into-The-Smartphone-Market-300x129 Blackberry & Nokia To Re-Launch Themselves Into The Smartphone MarketThe Blackberry Pearl, Nokia E62, Moto Q and Palm Treo were blown away with the announcement of the revolutionary all touch screen design of the original iPhone back in 2007 by Steve Jobs. Apple was the audacious upstart while Blackberry and Nokia were the smartphone standard-bearers back then. Now as the one-time kings of mobile are confronted with an unusual, slim shot at keeping their names alive after years of triviality and anonymity the iPhone is celebrating its 10th anniversary with increasing global market share and sales. Recently a phone codenamed Mercury from Blackberry was rumored while Nokia has launched the Nokia 6 in the Chines market.


It is anticipated that the phones will be made available globally in the upcoming phone-focused trade show Mobile World Congress. Nevertheless, the success of the products depends on how the companies manage to understand the ruthless pricing strategy of the current market.


Blackberry and Nokia were used to be the status symbols prior to the appearance of the iPhone. Now Nokia is going to be manufactured by the Foxconn FIH Mobile and Blackberry by the TCL. Blackberry will be keeping the combo of its own security software and the all-famous Android operating system.