Blizzard Demonstrates Google’s DeepMind AI In StarCraft II

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Blizzard_Demonstrates-Google’s-DeepMind-AI-In-StarCraft-II Blizzard Demonstrates Google’s DeepMind AI In StarCraft IIThe American video game developer, Blizzard has manifested the development made by Google’s DeepMind AI at StarCraft II, a real-time strategy video game. The Blizzard team said that the StarCraft games have risen as a monumental challenge for the Artificial Intelligence community as they’re the perfect environment for benchmarking progress against issues like outlining, dealing with ambiguity and spatial reasoning.

Blizzard had collaborated with DeepMind during the 2016 BlizzCon, where they declared the opening of the research platform for StarCraft II so that everyone in the StarCraft II community can contribute towards advancement in the AI research. Since then, much development has done in the AI research in StarCraft II. In two months back, Research Scientist at Google DeepMind, Oriol Vinyals shared the details of the AI progress that made in StarCraft II. He said that how the AI or agents had learned to do basic macro centered strategies, as well as defense moved aggressive tactics like the cannon rushes. In addition, the game developer company stated during  BlizzCon 2018 that DeepMind works very hard at training their AI to better comprehend and learn StarCraft II.

At the DeepMind, they used to weigh up the capabilities of its advanced AI against human opponents in video games. Recently, in December last year, researchers at DeepMind released a full evaluation of its AlphaZero and confirmed that it is capable mastering Chess, Shogi, and Go from scratch.