Blockchain Cuties –The First Crypto Collectible Game To Launch On TRON

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Blockchain_Cuties–The_First_Crypto_Collectible_Game_To_Launch_On_TRON Blockchain Cuties –The First Crypto Collectible Game To Launch On TRONBlockchain Cuties, a crypto collectible game based around cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, in a recent statement, announced that the game will now also be available on the blockchain platform –TRON. The DApp, which is already available on the Ethereum and EOS platform, is now moving in for TRON. The game developers, have announced that the decentralized game on TRON will come with some unique content and some added features for the TRON users, such as Cuties, items, and locations.

According to Vladimir Tomko, CEO of Blockchain Cuties, the team was looking for this opportunity to integrate with TRON, since Jun. 2018. Tomko believes that adding the TRON community will give the users a better chance to represent their Cuties in the battlefield. Also, Tomko and his team hope that integrating Blockchain Cuties to the TRON platform will amount to higher transaction speed which significantly will increase chances of providing more options to the gameplay, thus help to create an immersive gameplay experience. The team believes that an extension through the sidechain will help achieve its goal of 1,000 transactions per second (TPS), a significant increase in comparison, to Ethereum’s 15 TPS and Bitcoin’s 7 TPS.

The collectible game is the first to be launched on the TRON Arcade –a USD 100 million game fund. According to Justin Sun, TRON’s founder and CEO, the game fund will attract developers all around the world, to integrate with them and help provide the best blockchain gaming experience to users worldwide.