Blockchain Exchange Alliance Plans to Expand Its Payment Portfolio


Blockchain-Exchange-Alliance-Plans-to-Expand-Its-Payment-Portfolio Blockchain Exchange Alliance Plans to Expand Its Payment PortfolioBlockchain Exchange Alliance (BXA), a Singapore-based revolutionary FinTech company, in a recent press release statement, announced its plans to undergo more and more partnerships and acquisitions to venture deep into the retail payment infrastructure.

To make this a possibility, the BXA plans to run operations within the seclusion of a single order book and liquidity pool that will help the organization cut costs and have a tight grip on bid-ask spreads. The alliance also believes that this seclusive approach will help them tackle the price disparity issue, enabling them to expand their supply reach to multiple regions.

The BXA platform facilitates online purchase of goods and services via BXA token using crypto-fiat version. According to Kangho Kim, director of BXA, the company believes that its efforts will help them achieve their vision in North America.

BXA developed the technology to allow users to pay for goods and services online via the cryptocurrency. With this capability, the platform literally offers a similar time frame for e-commerce purchases via cryptocurrencies as with fiat currency, via QR codes and “one-click” options.

In its quest for partnerships and acquisitions, the alliance plans to get hold of at least 10,000 affiliate stores and platforms, which the alliance believe will assist in competing with payment tycoons and technology leaders such as Apple, Google, Alipay, PayPal, Venmo, WePay, etc. as well as credit card providers, all around the world.