Blockchain Startup Finturi Secures USD 2.2 Million For Its Blockchain-Based Invoice Finance Platform


Blockchain_Startup-Finturi-Secures-USD-2.2-Million-For-Its-Blockchain-Based-Invoice-Finance-Platform Blockchain Startup Finturi Secures USD 2.2 Million For Its Blockchain-Based Invoice Finance PlatformFinturi, a Blockchain-based Invoice Financing Platform, has raised USD 2.2 million for allowing businesses to secure loans against invoices through Blockchain technology. According to the reports, the company has purportedly secured its first investment through an angel round from NetSam Participaties BV, which participated in an investment round for the first time. Finturi developed to assist businesses finance invoices by associating them with financiers to scrounge money against invoices by utilizing Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.

Founded in last year, Finturi’s Blockchain-based invoice finance platform is scheduled to launch in the third quarter of this year. As per the reports, the Finturi team plans to offer a completely peer-to-peer platform in the future that includes businesses’ clients. Concerning about several new businesses face intricacies with raising capital, CEO of Finturi, Johannes Brouwer expressed that the firm intended to allow businesses to get loans against invoices within 24 hours. He further said that the upcoming platform will offer financiers with a platform for spending in invoices with minimum hussle. According to the NetSam Participaties, combining with Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain technology has a huge potential in eliminating inefficiencies in existing financial processes by shrinking costs, stimulating processing time and offering superior security services.

On the same move, recently, it was reported that five Japanese banks entered into a partnership to disclose Blockchain-based financial services infrastructure. With targeting an assortment of financial operations for efficiency improvements, the banks will leverage expertise from IBM during the development phase.