Blockseed Unveils Its Latest, AI-driven Platform for Connecting Startups to Investors and Advisors

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Blockseed_Unveils_Its_Latest_AI-driven_Platform_for_Connecting_Startups_to_Investors_and_Advisors Blockseed Unveils Its Latest, AI-driven Platform for Connecting Startups to Investors and AdvisorsBlockseed Investments, a startup ecosystem that assists startups to connect with germane advisors and potential investors to advance their fundraising odds, has announced its new Artificial Intelligence-driven platform for connecting startups to investors and advisors. The company cut through the untidiness where startups, in early-stage, can make better decisions when connecting investors with the right startup founder.

Blockseed’s algorithm gathers and uses untapped data to map out a startup’s internal works and efficiency throughout the currently opaque growth process in between funding stages. That process makes Blockseed unique. As per stated by CEO and Founder of Blockseed, Aniruddh Jain, the current system will evaluate an idea and assist it to become a thriving business. Startups often squander time attempting to connect through LinkedIn and emails without actionable feedback. So they really need timely and quantifiable feedback with learning tools developed around the feedback.

Blockseed offers a platform for startups to ideate, put up, advance and be better prepared to elevate capital. The company’s platform provides investors with a valuable metric by determining a startup’s capability to learn. And by merging interests according to industry and sector, investors are only connected with those startups within their domain of interest. Blockseed provides investors a curated review flow by connecting them with startups that match their chosen interest industry and metric cutoffs. Blockseed also provides personalized learning modules and quantified reviews based on investor feedback. Startups are told their point scale ranking by an advisor or investor, and exactly how they should advance based on the investor or advisor reviews. Blockseed can then lead startups with personalized learning modules and correlate them with pertinent mentors before they re-engage in the pitching process.