Blockstream Launches Blockstream Satellite API Beta

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Blockstream-Launches-Blockstream-Satellite-API-Beta Blockstream Launches Blockstream Satellite API BetaBlockstream, a Blockchain technology company, in a recent blog post on its website, on Wednesday, Jan. 16th 2019, announced the launch of its Blockstream Satellite API (Beta Version), in its bid to lend a supporting hand to anyone to broadcast data via its network of satellites.

Last year, in Dec. 2018, the company announced going live with its Phase II Blockchain Satellite Network coverage, expanding its satellite service expansion. The company then initiated broadcasting Bitcoin’s (BTC) blockchain all around the world, with an aim to free the cryptocurrency network clutter by making them independent of land-based Internet connections, thus increasing their robustness.

The company’s new Blockstream Satellite API comes with a data agnostic feature, that supports broadcasting almost anything from secure messaging through to alternative blockchains to a global podcast, providing users a seamless and clutter-free RESTful Application Programming Interface (API).

The company’s API developer team added bit limitations on the maximum message size, to retain transmittance speeds within ten seconds. Additionally, there is also a provision to transmit larger bits of data, allowing developers to self-encrypt, fragment, and reassemble large messages.

To keep message privacy intact, only a specific user or a group of users have the capability to decrypt the received data bits, which are transmitted via a broadcast medium over the Internet. To ensure secure payment for this service, the Lightning Network adds an additional layer of privacy, by isolating the payment source and the destination.