Blue Cross Blue Shield And Blue Health Intelligence Collaboratively Bring Data Innovation Challenge For Healthcare

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Blue_Cross-Blue-Shield-And-Blue-Health-Intelligence-Collaboratively-Bring-Data-Innovation-Challenge-For-Healthcare Blue Cross Blue Shield And Blue Health Intelligence Collaboratively Bring Data Innovation Challenge For HealthcareThe Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (BCBSA), a federation of 36 separate US health insurance systems and Blue Health Intelligence® (BHI), a healthcare data and analytics firm, have collaboratively launched the BlueCross BlueShield Data Innovation Challenge. The challenge is designed to develop solutions that improve access to care, enhance patient engagement, and advance care delivery and outcomes. To implement the BlueCross BlueShield Data Innovation Challenge, both companies are working together with HIMSS and Healthbox, a HIMSS Innovation company.

Companies that are interested to participate in the BlueCross BlueShield Data Innovation Challenge can choose from three categories to submit their proposals that will use BHI’s national data. First, Identifying, predicting and prioritizing of members and providers for real-time intervention – To encourage better quality and more efficient care, the group must be able to identify and predict members who are likely to need care and can be helped by engaging early and in a focused manner. This requires new algorithms and identification techniques involving, Machine learning: Integration of different data sources like EHR, social data, financial data, genomic data: New approaches to real-time data (ADT data, Utilization alerts, etc.) integration into analytics: New approaches to pattern recognition in datasets. Second, using data to reduce barriers of care, which include Social barriers; Emotional and behavioral barriers; Access barriers, including geographical barriers, rural areas for example; Cultural and language barriers; Complexity barriers, as system is extremely complex and that limits available of health care; Other barriers including loneliness, isolation, competing priorities, etc.

Third, enhancing the member’s journey through their health care usage including, Optimal decision making by the patient and the caregiver, Proper transitions from one caregiver to another and from one site to another, Proper management and decision making of chronicity and secondary prevention, avoiding relapses and recurrences, Proper lifestyle management to the individual, Other factors that impact the individual patient journey. According to the announcement, Applicants must have to provide a company and team overview, a proposed solution for a selected category, expected outcomes and impact, scalability requirements, and references to apply. Companies can submit their proposals now through June 25, 2019. The winner of the challenge will be chosen in the fall of 2019 and will receive 6-month access to a limited dataset within BHI’s database of over 5 billion covered procedures, and support and advice from BHI. Additionally, the winning company will receive mentorship and advice from BCBS companies’ and leaders of the Health Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS).