BlueDriver Can Detect Car Problems Using Smartphones

BlueDriver Can Detect Car Problems Using Smartphones

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BlueDriver-Can-Detect-Car-Problems-Using-Smartphones-300x129 BlueDriver Can Detect Car Problems Using SmartphonesIf only you know what the check engine light is on for it would have been easy to answer questions like how much it will cost? If you yourself can fix it? Well now you can, BlueDriver a quality vehicle scan tool is here for aid. It’s a simple to use tool which anyone can use with these following steps:


  • Downloading and install the app for iOS or Android
  • Then plug the BlueDriver into the vehicles OBD port
  • Pair the BlueDriver with iOS or Android device
  • Start using the app


To check if it does work or not it was been put to test with a Volvo displaying a check engine light. But for normal people the vehicle was running fine. While plugged in two Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) were been presented what might be the reason for the check engine light. One is related to heater circuit issue and the other was related to the immobilizer.


With some more tests it was clear which is the problem and using some fancy instruments it was taken care off. In this case, the BlueDriver paid off by showing the problem without any professional help. In addition, it can also read ABS and transmission codes.