Blueshift ropes in $15 Million in Series B Funding

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Blueshift-ropes-in-15-Million-in-Series-B-Funding Blueshift ropes in $15 Million in Series B FundingBlueshift, a San Francisco, California-based AI-optimized customer data insights provider to marketers, as per recent reports, has announced closing a Series B round, raising $15 million investment funding. The recent Series B funding round was led by SoftBank Ventures Asia, Seoul-based venture capital & private equity arm of the Japanese multinational holding conglomerate – SoftBank Group; and was participated by the company’s previous investors Storm Ventures and Nexus Venture Partners. With this recent Series B funding round, the San Francisco-based Blueshift has to-date raised a total investment of $30 million.

Furthermore, Josh Francia, who served previously as the VP of Marketing at LendingTree, will be joining Blueshift as its new Chief Growth Officer.

“Marketers need a system that was built from the ground up with AI to deal with increasing amounts of customer data, and the proliferation of channels,” stated Tae Hea Nahm, Managing Director of Storm Ventures. Tae Hea, who was previously on the board of Marketo, added that “Savvy digital marketers are starting to realize that AI Marketing requires a fundamentally different architecture. Like the early transition to SaaS and now to AI, incumbents will have a very hard time re-architecting their platform.”

Blueshift is a renowned platform in the marketing industry, catering to the marketing needs of diverse industries from media & publishing, travel, retail, personal finance and many more, to help them in the customer-centric transition, uplifting them from the traditional channel-centric approach.

The world, which is always online, brings forth some complicated challenges with respect to the intelligent use of massive amounts of customer data generated. With legacy marketing cloud solutions, with their batch & blast email approach, marketers lack the tools that can blast their way through, helping them with this transition. Blueshift’s AI, with its potential to unlock the power of the data, can assist marketers in automating their intelligent decisions around the right audience (“who”), the right content (“what”), the right time (“when”), and the right channel (“where”).

With this recent funding, Blueshift plans on accelerating the growth of its Customer Data Activation Platform, and develop build an ecosystem of apps under its newly released app framework.