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Bluetooth 5.0 Will Be Faster And Have Longer Range

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Bluetooth-5.0-Will-Be-Faster-And-Have-Longer-Range-300x129 Bluetooth 5.0 Will Be Faster And Have Longer RangeAllowing users faster connectivity the new version of Bluetooth wireless technology is coming to devices for longer distance connectivity. Over the current specification of the Bluetooth 4.2 the upgrade to version, 5 will be big. The Bluetooth 5 will have a range of 400 meters in line of sight. A report said the final specifications of this new technology will be out by the end of this year or by the beginning of next year.


With a data transfer speed of 2 Mbps which anytime faster than the Bluetooth 4.2 and will provide a range of around 120 meters in a typical real-life situation which is four times the distance of Bluetooth 4.2. The device manufacturers have a tendency to quickly adapt to technology so it is expected that the devices will be equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 early next year provided the final specification are finalized this year.


This Bluetooth of this generation is targeted to be used in IoT products, Drones, Wearable, Medical devices, Smart Home Products and Smart Meters while the previous version is only to be used in headsets and audio equipment and cars. ZigBee and Wi-Fi are in the list of competitors now.