Box Launches Skills Kit Platforms to Build Custom AI Integrations

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Box_-Launches_-Skills_-Kit_-Platforms_-to-_Build_-Custom_-AI_-Integrations Box Launches Skills Kit Platforms to Build Custom AI IntegrationsBox has recently announced its Skills Kit platform, which will allow organizations and developers to build AI integrations. The California-based cloud content management and file sharing service provider says that this kit will interact with stored contents on their own and will be launched globally by December 2018 for customers.

First announced in 2017, The Box Skills framework was developed with an additional layer called ‘Box Skills Kit’ since its inception, in which the latter is a toolkit which helps companies in developing their own bespoke versions. This has attracted developers like IBM, Microsoft, Google, Deloitte, and AIM Consulting. Jeetu Patel, Chief product officer at Box has stated that AI owns the potential to unlock insights and helps their company to build some of the world’s greatest frameworks, and bringing intelligence to the enterprise content. The California-based company has also announced its Box Skills platform, which can now host custom AI models built by third-party AI organizations. So, if an organization prefers to have a specific machine learning model built by IBM Watson Studio, Google Cloud AutoML, Microsoft Azure Custom Vision, or AWS SageMaker, can now integrate with the Box platform to utilize the stored data.

Lastly, Box has also announced few updates to its core automation services, now enabling its customers in building their own scripts for repetitive workloads. The Box Skills will support over 20 different types of input and output data including options for targeting metadata, specific files, or entire folders.