Bridge Connector Solves Health IT Interoperability Challenges With Raising USD20 Million In Funding 

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Bridge_Connector-Solves-Health-IT-Interoperability-Challenges-With-Raising-USD20-Million-In-Funding Bridge Connector Solves Health IT Interoperability Challenges With Raising USD20 Million In Funding Bridge Connector, a workflow automation engine and integration platform-as-a-service (IPaaS) changing the way healthcare communicates, has bagged USD20 million in a funding round to solve health IT interoperability challenges. The funding round was led by Axioma Ventures. Based in Nashville, TN, Bridge Connector’s business model designs to create a network where all healthcare organizations can equitably garner the advantages of connected data systems.

Founded in the year 2017 on the idea where any healthcare organization should be able to automatically transfer data between different systems without the requirement for internal IT support. Bridge Connector’s products can connect incongruent data systems in a matter of days, with a no-code platform. The company’s solutions allow workflow automation in business and clinical use cases, and transparency and true interoperability among providers, payers and most significantly, patients, who increasingly wish more control over their own data to make better-informed care choices and advance outcomes. According to Bridge Connector founder and CEO, David Wenger who pointed out that Interoperability is within reach when we re-think health IT integrations from a ‘workflows’ problem-and-solution standpoint. This result in a quicker time to value that the market is demanding. We partner with the largest health care organizations in the world, and we are just getting started.

According to the reports, Bridge Connector plans to utilize the fresh capital to further their technology advancements, distinguish product verticals, and continue growing their teams in sales, technology, and product. Additionally, the company plans to clinch its Series B funding round in late this year.