Bringing In Big Data Tech to Provide Affordable Healthcare

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Bringing-In-Big-Data-Tech-to-Provide-Affordable-Healthcare Bringing In Big Data Tech to Provide Affordable HealthcareAs per media reports, 1-percent of the global population is in control of 40-percent of the entire world’s wealth, this economic inequality is a much persistent and debated issue, which is continuing for some time now, and has plagued nations all around the world from developing to developed. To improve this situation and find a globally accepted solution, economists and politicians want to see financial upliftment of lower-and middle-class households to overcome this economic disparity.

Today, owing to the costly healthcare system, many low- and middle-income households are finding it rather difficult to afford hospitals to maintain their health. The substantial income gap between rich and poor has continued for generations.

To support the low and middle households, many new healthcare players, are increasingly bringing in the use of Big Data and related technologies to cater to their health needs. They claim that the technology when used in the right way, and among the right people, can revolutionize the healthcare sector. The simple information collected as data can bring revolutionary changes to the healthcare field. With electronic health records (EHRs), healthcare providers get a means to collect patient data, which they can analyze, catalog, and work on to monitor the patient health over time.

Although, the healthcare sector is struggling with cybersecurity risks and threats, still the big data technology even though in an un-matured state can be a permanent fixture for all the healthcare needs of low and middle-income households.