Business Backup Solutions Company, Comport, Discusses Why Mid-Size Businesses Should Protect Their Data


2-1-3 Business Backup Solutions Company, Comport, Discusses Why Mid-Size Businesses Should Protect Their DataRAMSEY, N.J., June 12, 2019 — Ransomware and malware attacks on businesses, schools and healthcare providers have been increasing since 2016, with no end in sight. Mid-sized businesses face even more risk than their enterprise-sized counterparts, according to business backup solutions company Comport. Smaller organizations often handle sensitive financial, identity and even medical data, but do not have a huge IT staff or budget to handle the type of robust security needed to protect this information. Learning more about ransomware and other potential risks can help brands take steps to prevent business interruption or even closure.

In 2016, the FBI and Department of Homeland Security issued a warning about the rising risk of ransomware. Law firms, hospitals and other organizations were being increasingly targeted with this specific form of malware, which locks users out of their own network and files until they pay a hefty ransom. The amount of ransomware victims continue to climb each year and cybercriminals make off with millions, just by attacking small to mid-sized businesses.

It gets worse.

In addition to potentially losing financial, employee, customer records and proprietary information, mid-sized businesses that are interrupted for a week or more by a natural disaster or cybercrime are at high risk of closing within a year of the event.

Mitigate Risk with a Robust Backup Strategy

Since a loss to a fire, storm or cyber-attack can cost your business money – or even threaten its very existence, taking steps to mitigate risk proactively is a must. Business backup solutions company Comport urges mid-sized brands to consider what would happen if a flood or natural disaster took out their primary location for weeks – or, they came in one morning to find their entire infrastructure hit by ransomware. Since the impact can be devastating, a sound strategy for backing up coupled with a plan to prevent business interruption is essential.

Your business’s backup strategy needs to include an automated, worry free way to back up your files in a secure, offsite location. This allows access even if your physical location is damaged or your network has been compromised. When you have a full backup and technical support from a Backup as a Service provider, you can regain access swiftly without business interruption. Contact Comport to learn just how easy and affordable it is to protect your mid-sized organization with an automated, secure and reliable system that creates a true safety net for your brand.


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