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Cache App From Microsoft Is A Reply To Google’s Keep App

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Cache-App-From-Microsoft-Is-A-Reply-To-Google’s-Keep-App-300x129 Cache App From Microsoft Is A Reply To Google’s Keep AppThe new Garage app from Microsoft is an organizational app that allows the company to compete with other apps like Google Keep. The cache website is only available for those who request access. It is not very clear that if Microsoft will fully back up the website. To know how people manage and curate the content they work with the cache is a research project from Microsoft. Microsoft observes and asks feedback about the website in order to evolve it. Stuff like images, files, text snippets, reference materials, your notes and web pages can be quickly bookmarked using this website.


Sometimes people finds themselves cluttered up with Facebook, Twitter, emails, phone calls etc. and most of them are not immediately actionable. This is where cache comes in, it will help you and save these details for later use and act accordingly. Google being a competitor has a very simplistic user interface and easy to use options. Another competitor Evernote is not very much of a concern after it revised its pricing and limiting data for its free users. Whereas google is under no such restrictions and neither is Microsoft. The pieces are been put in place by Microsoft. The windows 10 note shortcut in the notification area can otherwise launch Cache instead of OneNote.