Can Big Data Enhance Cybersecurity?

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Can-Big-Data-Enhance-Cybersecurity Can Big Data Enhance Cybersecurity?With more and more IoT devices joining the global network, the network attack surface has increased drastically, with multiple attack points, and as hackers and intruders use much advanced and a unique set of techniques to breach through network securities, the term cybercrime is becoming more sophisticated. With an unregulated steep rise of IoT devices in the market, many cybersecurity startups are forced to come up with innovative security solutions, to help safeguard the enterprise networks.

Big Data can offer the much-needed help to these startups in their quest for innovative security solutions, to expand their cybersecurity offering. According to Hiten Shah, Research Analyst, TechVision, Big Data tech can proactively predict network breaches long before they happen, as well as detect patterns from past incidents to help enterprises make policy decisions.

Adding further, Shah said that the key for startups is to offer integration capability to their products, which allows their seamless integration with existing products and solutions. Further, they must bundle their solutions with market-leading solutions from well-established companies. Such integration and bundle support will lead to mergers and acquisitions, which ultimately will enable these startups to pave way for new opportunities and provide more advanced solutions.

With Big Data, companies can enable automated risk management and predictive analytics, providing them the ability to identify usage and behavioral patterns to help the cybersecurity team spot anomalies.