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Can Daydream View Be The Future Of VR

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Can-Daydream-View-Be-The-Future-Of-VR-300x129 Can Daydream View Be The Future Of VRThe world of virtual reality enthusiasts was pleased when Google announced the Daydream View VR headset. The new headset can be connected to Google’s Pixel and Pixel Xl phones. Nevertheless, there are hurdles in the path of success and so headset has its own hurdles too, two to be particular. Third party providers and an increasing number of confused customers. Making some of the most interesting choices in the hardware department Google has answers for these hurdles. Its select in software is so much more than just prospective for something in the far off future. The company has presented a perspective that is well within reach, unlike the third party providers.


Just like its competitors, the design of Daydream View is simple and easy to use. The headset needs to be connected to a phone and a one-hand control scheme. Nevertheless, the downside is the inability to connect to other than pixel phones. Unlike Oculus Rift and HTC Vive features like eye tracking and inside-out cameras, the Daydream does what it promises. Using the device is as simple as opening the front door, placing the phone, adjusting the straps and calibrating the controller to start by pressing a button.