Canonical announces Ubuntu Core 18 to boost IoT Device Security

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Canonical-announces-Ubuntu-Core-18-to-boost-IoT-Device-Security Canonical announces Ubuntu Core 18 to boost IoT Device SecurityLast month, Canonical Ltd., a London-based computer software company, marketing commercial support, and related services for Ubuntu and Ubuntu related projects, announced the Ubuntu Core 18 operating system for IoT devices and large container deployments. The latest Ubuntu Core aims to reduce the risks involved in the software development process, along with security maintenance costs, and time to market of IoT devices.

With an image size of just 260MB, the latest Ubuntu Core version is the smallest Ubuntu Linux release ever, making it ideal for the IoT. The company, keeping IoT attack surface in mind, kept the OS size to a bare minimum, which will make IoT devices more efficient and secure. Further, only fewer packages are installed as part of the OS, which apart from reducing the size and frequency of security updates, will also ensure that most of the storage space can be efficiently utilized to store applications and data.

The OS with its capacity to inherit software from the wider Ubuntu and Snapcraft ecosystems also supports brand or model specific app development. The Ubuntu Core OS supports a wide range of devices from leading manufacturers like Dell, Rigado, Intel, Qualcomm, Samsung, and NXP.

According to John Dauskurdas, VP of Global IoT/Embedded PC Sales at Dell EMC, Dell and Canonical have been working closely over the past three years to certify Ubuntu Core on all Dell Edge Gateway platforms. With Ubuntu Core, customers can build highly secure and stable IoT solutions that deliver the deep actionable insight needed to effectively run a business.