Carbon footprint of the entire city can now be calculated by using Google Maps

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Carbon_footprint_of_the_entire_city_can_now_be_calculated_by_using_Google_Maps-300x300 Carbon footprint of the entire city can now be calculated by using Google MapsGoogle Maps deserves the first place in best navigation apps that we usually install in our smartphone and Google provides regular updates to its Maps app to improvise and to get new technologies that will help us to reach the destination faster. Now Google comes up with one more additional feature that will help us to save the environment without any requirement from us.

Google is harnessing plenty of data from Google Maps, and you should already know that. Tracking your location is how the app works and how it gets better. But Google now developed its navigation application by collecting traffic data in accordance to aerial photography of cities and other required parameters to identify the carbon footprint of a city with a new tool called The Environmental Insights Explorer that was launched in a beta version.

This new tool can differentiate residential homes, business organisations, and industrial sector and estimates how much energy they consume with the corresponding outputs and by looking at traffic, Google can identify emissions from the transportation sector and can provide a specific plan estimate to residents or city officials to specify what roofs should be fitted with solar technology.

Cities that use EIE detections can then lower their total emissions by under-going various changes by adapting to renewable energy sources like solar power and by reducing traffic with reference to the pollution emitted from vehicles. This new tool in google maps helps to reduce some of the complexities and expenses towards it, so that we will have people spending less time towards data gathering and data crunching and more aspects in their daily planning mechanism.