Caution- Drone is cheap, deadly and available in your local store

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Caution-Drone-_is-_cheap-_deadly_-and_-available_-in_-your_-local_-store-300x201 Caution- Drone is cheap, deadly and available in your local storeYou don’t need the military to pull off an attack and assassin, drones alone can. With the capability of incredible destruction and now made available to everyone, drone creates a serious threat to globally.
• The advancements in consumer drone technology open doors for commercial drones more stable in the air with better communication systems.
• They can lift heavy loads at less than $800 online, within the means of average people who desire to record themselves on an adventure path and many more.
• Drones are also capable of incredible destruction and, more dangerous part is that anyone can get their hands on one.
Drones come in many varieties. Mostly military drones closely resemble planes, for instance, MQ-9, used by the US Air Force, has a wingspan of 66 feet (20 meters). While Store-bought drones can fit in the palm of your hand with varying degrees of autonomy. Some military drones can fly autonomously and can use their weapons to target and kill without a human’s participation.
With drone attacks incidences, like the one in Caracas and others spread across the media, people are highly aware of the many ways commercial drones can be used and misused as well.
With all this going around and pertaining to the incidents in the past and in the future, governments should unavoidably need to look at what can be done to control the impact of drones for the safety and regulation of human existence.