Cerner And naviHealth Joint Force To Introduce Medicare BPCI Advanced Offering For Care Providers

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Cerner_And-naviHealth-Joint-Force-To-Introduce-Medicare-BPCI-Advanced-Offering-For-Care-Providers Cerner And naviHealth Joint Force To Introduce Medicare BPCI Advanced Offering For Care ProvidersCerner, an American supplier of health IT solutions, partnered with naviHealth, a provider of post-acute management services, to create a new offering for the Medicare’s Bundled Payments for Care Improvement Advanced program (BPCI Advanced). As working together for 5 years to streamline electronic workflows for post-acute discharge, both companies expect the launch of new value-based care offering to support BPCI Advanced, with an initial focus on the next CMS launch of the program later this year.

BPCI Advanced is designed to foster clinicians to redesign care delivery by adopting best practices, cutting down disparity from standards of care, and offering a clinically appropriate level of services for patients during a Clinical Episode. Providers, under BPCI Advanced, prospectively agree to a pre-defined reimbursement amount for 32 Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services(CMS)-defined episodes of care or chronic conditions. Moreover, Bundled payment offerings can support better health care experiences for consumers with greater cost transparency, in addition to enhancing efficiency and lessening waste for health systems and providers. With this collaboration, Cerner and naviHealth plan to provide health systems and providers the ability to effectively partake in bundled payment arrangements while driving advanced clinical outcomes and financial results. The new value-based, electronic health record-agnostic offering is anticipated to support affordable and easy to get to health care centered on the patient.

Ahead of this development, naviHealth CEO Clay Richards stated that we’ve had tremendous success in the BPCI Advanced program, which is a major first step in the industry’s shift toward value-based care. It’s a huge opportunity for providers to achieve better outcomes while reducing costs. Through our relationship with Cerner, there are even greater avenues for success. He further added that Cerner is known for its clinical quality improvement and workflow integration, and our work with them in post-acute management has been instrumental in providing better patient care. Combining our operational, technological, and clinical expertise and solutions with Cerner’s big data platform, will make this joint offering truly unique in the industry, Richards added.