Cerner Launches A Group Of Over 30 Health Systems For Social Determinants Of Health

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Cerner_Launches-A-Group-Of-Over-30-Health-Systems-For-Social-Determinants-Of-Health Cerner Launches A Group Of Over 30 Health Systems For Social Determinants Of HealthCerner, a Missouri-based health information technology solutions provider, has introduced the Social Determinants Innovation Collaborative (SDIC), a group of over 30 health systems that come together to share best practices and steps forward in addressing social determinants of health (SDOH). As part of the announcement, the newly formed group leaders meet a regular basis to share their experiences to solve challenges and blockades to care for their communities.

With these meetings, organizations can understand how to create synergies on community-based navigation, link clinical and community strategies, model SDOH screening and workflows, and leverage community partners. In the SDIC, the founding members are Atrium Health, Cook County Health & Hospitals System, Los Angeles County Health Services, Marshall University of Medicine/Cabell Huntington Hospital, Truman Medical Centers, and Winona Health. Recently, the health systems group had discussed food insecurity and opioid and substance abuse, with committing the next meeting that will be focused on transportation. According to the report, Cerner supports client health systems with screening tools and taking feedback or questionnaires built into the electronic health records (EHR) to spot challenges like food insecurity, housing, transportation, and access to care and more.

Along with the aforementioned founding members, there are other health systems members of the SDIC are Accenture, HCA Midwest, Boston Children’s Hospital, Baptist Medical Center, Carroll County Memorial Hospital, Children’s Hospital of Orange County, Children’s Mercy Hospital, Children’s National, Clay County Memorial Hospital, Dignity Health, Fort HealthCare, Geisinger Health, Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare, Indiana University Health, Intermountain Healthcare, Lafayette General Health System, Martin Luther King Jr. Community Hospital, MedStar Health, Midland Health, Millennium Collaborative Care, Norton Sound Health Corporation, Public Health Foundation, San Mateo County Health, South Central Foundation, Stony Brook Medicine, Suffolk County Public Health, Truman Medical Center, and United Way of Delaware.