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CES Antiquity: 50 Years Of Multimedia Development

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CES-Antiquity-50-Years-Of-Multimedia-Development-300x129 CES Antiquity: 50 Years Of Multimedia DevelopmentIn 2017, the CES (Consumer Electronics Show), the world’s leading showcase of the upcoming technologies is celebrating its golden jubilee. In the consumer electronics market, CES is the venue for introducing the most revolutionary new technologies since its launch in the year 1967. For instance,Blue-Ray Discs, Xbox, Audio CDs and Audio Cassettes are a few. Every year in Las Vegas, several new and innovative multimedia innovations emerge at this American trade show. The compact disc (CD) premiered in 1981, which was developed by Sony in partnership with Philips and prior to that the Sony made video recorder in 1970 are probably the most famous innovations. In the year 1981, JVC and Sony manufactured the camcorder and Hitachi and Toshiba manufactured Plasma screen in the year 2001 are among the first consumer appliances to appear at CES.


Alongside there are different inventions that failed to survive the tough test of time.Mini-disc in 1993, CD-i in 1991 and LaserDisc 1974 are a few to name. CES hosted the presentations of such legendary consoles like the NES from Nintendo, 1985 and Xbox from Microsoft 2001. The new generation also saw the 1st OLED television and 3D TV as well.