CEVA Announces New R&D Facility in Bristol, UK

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CEVA-Announces-New-RD-Facility-in-Bristol-UK CEVA Announces New R&D Facility in Bristol, UKCEVA, a semiconductor intellectual property company, headquartered in Mountain View, California, in a recent statement, announced a new R&D facility in Bristol, United Kingdom. With this new R&D facility in the UK, the company will have access to the world’s best engineering minds the city has to offer, to further advance its R&D capabilities to help expedite the development of AI-optimized and digital signal processing products.

According to Gideon Wertheizer, CEO, CEVA, the company is very much pleased to make this announcement, which is an expansion of its R&D efforts. The city of Bristol is one of the strongest talent bases in the UK in terms of digital signal processing (DSP) technology and has a plethora of highly-skilled and experienced engineers to offer. With this highly-skilled team, the company will be able to better address the growing demand for its world-leading digital signal processing IPs portfolio and also reinforce its position as the global leader in IP licensing for intelligent and connected devices.

The company’s new offices are located in the Aztec West Business Park, in South Gloucestershire, north of Bristol, a region that’s quite famous for housing many semiconductor and technology companies focused on AI, communications, autonomous driving, and robotics. The company, staffs a highly experienced team of design and verification engineers and is looking for skilled talents to further expand its DSP portfolio.