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Challenges faced by SaaS application performance

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Challenges_-faced_-by_-SaaS_-application_-performance-300x180 Challenges faced by SaaS application performance
Challenges_-faced 1itenterprise
The cloud technology has led to many innovations and transformations from the time of its emergence. Now, this is rushing enterprises for a rapid move into the cloud. This will include the growing trend toward cloud office suites with Office 365 and Google Suite. In this, users have a lot of expectation towards LAN-like performance where the challenges enterprises face are escalating.

Going by the Microsoft, Office 365 will be growing at 43 per cent, and by the end of 2017 has boasted to 120 million active users. A survey by TechValidate in 2017 has shown the increase of both firewall and network bandwidth capacity with almost 70 per cent. Leading companies to experience many weekly network-related performance issues with the deployment of Office 365. Now, going by the latest Gartner’s 2018 Strategic for Networking, it is prominent that almost all enterprises will need to think higher then MPLS and at re-architecting the WAN for the optimization of the cloud. When talking about the applications that are migrating with IaaS platforms, many of which found relief in the direct connection products available in the major cloud providers. This range is headed by AWS’ Direct Connect and Microsoft’s Express Route.
The Direct connection of multiple IaaS providers in many regions is an expensive affair, but the only option for the quick-growing complexity. Don’t forget the SaaS applications, which are known for their direct connection solutions with business and/or mission-critical profiles, apps. These are headed by Salesforce, Workday, ServiceNow, Dropbox followed by dozens more.

Talking about the cloud, nowadays it looks like the internet is transferring into the new WAN. This is creating enterprises and their IT teams to look for a better leverage on the internet directly to enable better cloud application performance.