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Changing The Name Of Your Device From Play Store

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Changing-The-Name-Of-Your-Device-From-Play-Store-300x129 Changing The Name Of Your Device From Play StoreDownloading apps and managing purchase can be made directly from the web browser are a standout quality of the Google Play Store. While on any browser and clicking install on any app will display the list of Android device you have registered. The app will directly start to download on your handset rather than on the computer.


The names of the devices by default might be robot-like, that is because they took the make number. To change the name to a more non-robot like sounding one and easier to remember, while on Play Store go to settings and you will see a list of devices that you have registered. Now click on edit on the device that you want to change the name. The box popped up will allow you to write any name on it, so go ahead and rename your device. Once you are done with writing the name just click update. At the end of this process, you will notice the device name changed and the new name will be displaying not only on the Play Store but also on your android device. This process can be repeated any number of times.