Check Point Software acquires Dome9 for increasing Multi-Cloud Options

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Check-_Point-_Software_-acquires_-Dome9_-for_-increasing_-Multi-Cloud-_Options-300x174 Check Point Software acquires Dome9 for increasing Multi-Cloud Options
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Check Point Software which is an Israel-based cybersecurity firm, announces its acquisition along with its competitor Dome9 regarding multi-cloud capabilities. This will once again prove to be a key factor in the future of multi-cloud advancement.

Dome9, based in Tel Aviv, offers a SaaS platform aiming to visualize security postures in public cloud organizations, similar to Check Point Software. These Companies are verifiable infrastructures with security software for every public cloud, including the humongous AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platforms. While Check Point Software, is best known for its security research and uncovering Android-centric ‘Black Rose Lucy’ botnet attacks. This lead the company to claim fully consolidated cyber security architecture with general cloud security offerings. This is achieved through multi-cloud protection capabilities generated by the company.

Recently, Dome9 has acquired almost 30 million dollars of funding for its publication on the same topic, which was seen in reports, with an approximate 16.5 million dollars contract from SoftBank, April last year.