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Chrome Will Notify Users About The Insecure Websites

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Chrome-Will-Notify-Users-About-The-Insecure-Websites-300x129 Chrome Will Notify Users About The Insecure WebsitesIn an early step in the strategy of Google to fundamentally change how we view encryption on the web the company’s Chrome browser will warn it users about those websites which do not secure the credentials. Observers will not be able to understand any encrypted data as it scrambles the information. This also stops from spammers from spamming the website by inserting their own ads. Law enforcement agencies and surveillance authorities are trying a way around the encryption as it makes their work more difficult.

Google’s agenda to improve and secure websites and encrypted websites to become a norm will be pushed with the help of its chrome browser. A ‘not secure’ notification will be delivered to the user accessing the insecure website which handles sensitive information like the credit card numbers and passwords starting from 2017 January. In order to secure the online transactions for instance in e-commerce websites, the website encryption was developed about a decade ago.

Building better security into the global internet seems practical as more and more people start living their lives online, but this agenda might not be welcomed by the law enforcement agencies. The company will eventually expand its warning system to all the websites with HTTP (Hyper Transfer Protocol) and haven’t updated to HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure).