Cinnamon Mint for Debian …. Sounds tasty!!!


Cinnamon_-Mint_-for_-Debian_-….-Sounds_-tasty-300x188 Cinnamon Mint for Debian …. Sounds tasty!!!Offering a refined alternative to the distro’s Ubuntu-based counterpart, Mint Debian Edition an official release of version 3 of Linux is now hitting the download servers this summer’s end.

With its codename “Cindy” this new version of LMDE is actually based on Debian 9 Stretch and features Cinnamon desktop environment with its release creating an unusual situation in the world of Linux distro. Its developers seem to be in power with themselves with the experimental release of LMDE. The Linux Mint announces to offer its flagship distro, Ubuntu Linux in 3 desktop versions namely Cinnamon, Mate and Xfce with their difference being under the hood.

As an example, the software is provided by Debian sources instead of Ubuntu sources. Another difference is the lack of point releases in LMDE being the only application upgrade of bug and security fixes at large. Let’s simply explain this as Debian base packages will stay the same in LMDE 3 until LMDE 4 is released with the significant difference in the versions.

Mint system and desktop components usually update continuously with the semi-continuous process than a periodic point release indicating that newly developed features are being pushed directly into LMDE. But note that, these changes are held to be included in the next upcoming Linux Mint release.

LMDE instead of the regular Linux Mint distro is considered more cutting edge for users, but with a condition that only the user will have to use the Cinnamon desktop as LMDE does not offer versions with Mate and Xfce desktops as such. When considering to take Cindy for a joyride just consider the fact to check out the release notes for any known issues additionally have a thorough test and the live session before installing LMDE 3 to any mission-critical computers to be extra cautious.

Unlike the five-year support for the earlier versions, Cindy’s support runs out at the end of the year with the developers not projecting an exact release schedule for LMDE 4 although.