Cisco & Iteris announce Partnership on Connected Roadway Project in Las Vegas

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Cisco-Iteris-announce-Partnership-on-Connected-Roadway-Project-in-Las-Vegas Cisco & Iteris announce Partnership on Connected Roadway Project in Las VegasIteris Inc., a Santa Ana, California-based traffic and weather informatics provider, and Cisco, a San Jose, California-based technology services and products manufacturer, as per a recent press report, have entered into a strategic partnership agreement on connected roadways.

Both Iteris & Cisco, as per the partnership agreement will be deploying their edge-processing IoT solution with Las Vegas, in an attempt to integrate data feeds from the Iteris’ video detection platform, Vantage Next, and Cisco’s Kinetic software solution to analyze multimodal data from vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians to improve traffic conditions in the city and reduce traffic congestion.

The collaborative program will also be used as a guiding stone to display pedestrian safety and connected vehicle applications at the Smart Cities Innovation Accelerator during The Innovator’s Forum in Las Vegas.

According to Michael Sherwood, Director of Information Technologies at the City of Las Vegas, the city’s heavy pedestrian traffic is renowned worldwide, to ease congestions the city is constantly working towards deploying innovative, multimodal technologies for better management of pedestrian and vehicular traffic. With Iteris’ integration with Cisco’s Connected Roadway solution, the city will get the crucial insights to ease traffic situation in Las Vegas and improve the city’s transportation system along the way.