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Cisco’s Damage Claims Against Arista has Been Rejected By Jury

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Ciscos-Damage-Claims-Against-Arista-has-Been-Rejected-By-Jury-300x129 Cisco’s Damage Claims Against Arista has Been Rejected By JuryAs a federal court, jury rejects the demand from Cisco Systems for damages; the company grieved a major loss in its long legal fight against rival Arista Networks. Arista said they didn’t infringe a Cisco patent and the same is also been ruled out by the jury in the Northern California district court in San Josenor Cisco’s copyright on its user manuals. In 2014, Cisco Systems has filed a case against the Arista a network gear manufacturer for copyright and patent infringement. Arista was instituted by prior Cisco executives in 2004.It alleged the enterprise had copied Cisco’s products and the CLI (command-line interface) that engineers have long used to configure and manage Cisco switches and routers. According to the Reuters report, the jury declined to award US$335 million in damages based on the legal principle of “scenes a faire,” despite a few commands in Cisco’s CLI has been copied by the Arista which the jury also agrees.

JayshreeUllal, CEO at Arista said in an emailed statement, this represents a moral victory for the entire networking industry. Cisco commented in a statement that they are reviewing the ruling and determining its options for post-trial appeal and motions.