Citi TTS Launches Biometric Authentication to Replace Passwords on Institutional Platform

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Citi_TTS_Launches_Biometric_Authentication_to_Replace_Passwords_on_Institutional_Platform Citi TTS Launches Biometric Authentication to Replace Passwords on Institutional PlatformCiti Treasury and Trade Solutions (TTS), provider of the industry’s most extensive suite of treasury and trade solutions, has introduced biometric authentication for its CitiDirect BE desktop and mobile platforms that allowing clients to log in using fingerprint or facial recognition through the CitiDirect BE Smartphone app.

Institutional customers use CitiDirect BE to access an array of global cash, trade, liquidity, and investment services in 26 languages from 95 countries. Its inheritance authentication process comprises a multi-step process in which tokens are utilized to create passwords, while the biometric process lessens the time to access the platform to just a matter of seconds. Citi Treasury and Trade Solutions Global Head of Channel and Enterprise Services, Tapodyuti Bose stated that they keep on delivering digital solutions utilizing the new tech to offer value for institutional clients, as they digitize their own procedures. Bose further noted that by leveraging existing built-in biometrics authentication capabilities on smartphones, clients can now access CitiDirect BE faster, further advancing the user experience.

Citi, in addition, said that the replacement of passwords with biometric authentication imitates its commitment to advancing user experience, and its work with fin-tech and other organizations to protect and improve interactions. The biometric system is now being deployed in certain key markets. As banks predicted to serve 1.9 billion clients with biometric authentication by end of the year 2020, executing secure and expedient biometric access for the multinational corporations, financial institutions and public sector organization, Citi Treasury and Trade Solutions work seem like a natural early step in the technology’s rollout.